Challenge: Read with a child

Shared reading is more meaningful, memorable, and creates a shared bond. Complete 2 of these tasks for 20 points. Don't forget to count your reading time as minutes as well!

When you complete 2 tasks, you will earn 20 points and a badge.

2 foxes reading a book together

Read a favorite storybook from your childhood to a child in your life.

Have a child in your life read a book to you.

Bring a child in your life to the library for storytime. Engage in the storytime together.

Does a child in your life live far away? Use a phone/video chat service to read to them from afar.

Read a magazine with a child, and choose an activity to do that is mentioned in the magazine. Children's magazines that you might find at your library: Highlights, High Five, National Geographic Kids, Ranger Rick.

Check out a children's craft, cooking, or Science project book. Perform one of the activities with a child in your life.

Have a teen/tween pick a book that you both read. Discuss together as you progress through the book.

Spin the globe, or blindly tap a map, to choose a place to read about. Select a book from or about that place to read with a child.