Challenge: Kurt Vonnegut Challenge II

There is a story attributed to Kurt Vonnegut about the moment he realized that doing activities you enjoy have great value even if you're not particularly talented at them. Perform two of the tasks below just to have fun! Oh, and to earn 20 points plus an online badge. At the bottom of the list is a link to Vonnegut's brief story.

When you complete 2 tasks, you will earn 20 points and a badge.

Bright sky-blue circle with bright orange typewriter inside, with the words Kurt Vonnegut Challenge 2.

Sing a song. Pretend you're on stage or just quietly serenade a pet or plant.

Is there a particular form of dance you enjoy watching? Perform your own solo in the kitchen. (Feel free to close the curtains.)

Bake something. Share with people who won't judge you.

Draw a comic strip about something that happened to you recently.

Participate in a sport alone or with family or friends: shoot hoops, play catch, roller skate, dribble a soccer ball, skip rope, etc.

Next time you read a book with good dialogue, read your favorite conversations out loud, preferably with accents, as if you're an in-demand method actor.

Do any activity that you enjoy but for which you have zero talent.

If you're interested in reading the inspirational tale attributed to Vonnegut, follow this link: